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Benefits of Bikram

Hi babes! Today we are talking all about hot yoga! Because who doesn't love sweating their butt off after a few simple poses. It's hard, yet relaxing, and a new, exciting way to get your workout in. But have you ever tried Bikram yoga?

Bikram is a branch of hatha yoga techniques; essentially hot yoga times ten. Instead of your typical 80 to 90 degree room, you are practicing in a studio most likely upwards of 100 degrees. I know! Now before you say no way, just wait until you hear the benefits of this practice. This 90 minute class is comprised of the same 26 poses with a few breathing exercises. 

While this may sound daunting to a beginner, the positives that come with Bikram are very much worth the work you put in. This practice is extremely cleansing and leaves you feeling refreshed after sweating out the toxins in your body. The high temperatures increase flexibility and stretches the muscles while also improving circulation throughout the body. Not only these physical benefits, but the refreshing workout elevates mood and reduces stress. 

At Balance on Thames we believe in trying new things for your physical and mental health. So whether you are a seasoned vet or a fresh beginner, remember to take it slow and do what's best for you. And don't forget to stay hydrated :)

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