JANA LAM City Duffel bag-Gidget

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This is the one. This is the one with the rizz Yes, it’s so good it can only be described using a word my kids basically taught me. No cap, the City Duffel hits different, it’s so drip. Ok enough with the Gen Zisms, because really this bag is for everyone, my momma, your momma, my seven year old, your whateveryearold, and me/you.

It’s a daily bag you’re going to want to carry at night because it gives you all the feels and just makes you so happy. We did it up and made them all with two prints, so they’re extra and extra amazing. They were made with love and it is love! 

Details: 11.5" l x 7" dia. 9" zipper opening Shoulder Strap measures 7.5" from shoulder to top of bag. Adjustable cross body Strap measures 28" to 50" fully extended. Fully lined with a 4.5" x 4.5" interior pocket. Made in Hawaii, USA