TAG ALOHA Reversible bucket hat-Queens of Waikiki

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Hawai'i is the birthplace of surfing and back in the day it was referred to as the “Sport of Kings.” Ali'i (Hawaiian Royalty) would gather in this Honolulu bay to celebrate the union of the Hawaiian islands. Today, surfing is enjoyed by so many - with some of the most amazing surfing and surfers here in Hawai'i.

Our new print “Queens of Waikiki” pays homage to Waikiki’s most popular surf break, Queens beach, and the many amazing Mana Wahine that can be seen on any given day surfing Queens break. The style and grace exhibited by these women is a truly awesome example of the sport. This print is inspired by them as our modern day “Queens” of Waikiki. These skilled Wahine inspire us and we hope this print inspires you too!

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