All About The Salty Babe - The Salty Babe

All About The Salty Babe

As Balance grows and expands our brand, we are learning more about ourselves and our customers. We have begun to create our own line of product that captures everything we believe in. This brand is "The Salty Babe". So who is The Salty Babe? Easy. It's you! It's me. It's perfectly imperfect. Beautifully messy. It's anyone who isn't afraid to get their hands a little dirty and still have a soft and easy nature. True beauty comes from within and at Balance on Thames we strive to bring that out of all who shop with us. Repping The Salty Babe should be simple and natural. Easy like Sunday morning as they say. We want to bring out the best in you with our line. Explore the products below to get to know The Salty Babe. 


The Salty Babe Ocean Made Me Salty Tee shirt

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