THE SALTY BABE - The Salty Babe


Hi babes!! It's us, we're back... just with a new name!! Balance on Thames is now officially known as The Salty Babe. But don't worry, because that is all that has changed. Same shop, same location, same brands, same style, same owner! We have spent this summer reflecting on who we were and who we are now and decided that adopting "The Salty Babe" would represent us much better.

When we opened 3 years ago as Balance on Thames, we were overflowing with workout gear in a tiny shop down Thames Street. Sports bras, leggings, tanks, everything from yoga mat spray to water bottles. We had a small rack of swim and summer shorts. Since then, we have grown into a gorgeous location in Newport. Today, we feature an entire wall of swim. We carry each and every beach accessory you could possibly need! At the same time, we still keep to our roots and sell the best workout wear year round. We believed that The Salty Babe  encompasses our brand better and truly highlights what we sell, more than Balance. If you have been with us since the beginning, we thank you so much for your continued support! Thank you for watching us grow :) 

If you have just joined The Salty Babe family, here is a little bit about us. The Salty Babe is you. It's me. It's everyone! Anyone who is perfectly imperfect. Beautifully messy. We believe in not being afraid to get our hands a little dirty and still have a soft and easy nature. True beauty comes from within and at The Salty Babe, we strive to bring that out of all who shop with us. Repping The Salty Babe should be simple and natural. "Easy like Sunday morning" We want to bring out the best in you with our brand.

We are looking forward to seeing everything that The Salty Babe Shop brings in the future. 

Cheers babes!!! xoxo

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