TAG ALOHA Beach Towel- Lauren Roth Abstract

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Each one of our towels if made from a sustainable material called rPet. For every towel made, the equivalent of 12 water bottles are removed from a landfill! They are super absorbent, very quick drying and have a luxurious waffle weave (this makes it so you won't slip if you choose this towel as your hot yoga companion)! Best of all, these towels are sand-free (meaning sand won't stick to them) and feature original, hand-drawn art that tells a story with purpose and meaning...

Lauren Roth’s work is a colorful collection of the beauty that surrounds us here in Hawai'i. Everything from the blooming flowers to the turquoise ocean, the magnificent mountains and all the colors, textures and emotions that each of them project. Lauren loves to capture inspirations with her sketchbook before bringing them to life with a paintbrush. We are honored to have brought her original painting, Abstract Hawai’i to life in this towel made of rPET (rPET = recycled water bottles). For every towel made, the equivalent of 12 water bottles are taken out of a landfill!

P.S. The luxurious waffle weave on this towel makes it so you won’t slip if you happen to take this towel to work out or do hot yoga in!

  • Absorbent waffle-weave
  • Packable
  • Quick Drying
  • Sustainably made from recycled bottles
  • 63 in x 31.5 in